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The CD "If Love Ain't In It" is complete. This was truly a journey of LOVE with a long list of sleepless nights. The concept behind this CD is simply this, love comes and sometimes love goes even for those serving God. A lot of times people do not wish to talk about the pain another person has caused them so the abuses continue and mental abuse is just as bad as physical abuse's and because people do not wish to be labeled as a bad christian or one who has no faith they do nothing men and women, but these things are real and they do exist for everyone and no one is exempt at all so it goes unnoticed and not dealt with. This CD has music written to address those very things, this goes for romantic , family,  even friend's relationship's. If Love Ain't In It was written and designed to talk to everyday people in every walk of life who not knowingly share the same everyday problems and need an avenue to handle these thing's. Make the journey with MWW and free your spirit, mind, body and soul.