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I  grew up in the southern part of the United States in Florida to be exact. I come from a musical family where everybody sang and my mom was a musician. We all sung in the choir's at church and I was involved musically in school. I was anointed to play the organ and piano and I started playing for various church's. I have performed with some of the greatest singers of our time and helped a lot of people reach their goals. I feel now that this is my hour, my chance, my time. I write the "Music You Love to Feel"! Follow along and allow me to take you on a musical journey that I promise will be an unforgettable experience. I want you to experience what I experience, see what I see and feel what I feel, come along with me and let's  make something musically incredible happen together. 

Much love for ya!


Run it up, Leave no DOUBT!

The Rhythm of Life is Music


The rhythm  of Life is Music. Everything has a rhythm, everything has a pulse, everything has a beat. I love the remarkable way we are able to link each and everything in our lives to rhythm. The essence of existence is found in our rhythm's, from the street beats of Miami and LA, to the Broadway beats of New York. Our steps, our talk, our heart's and soul's are all connected by rhythm and because of those things I love creating Music, I love the uniformity of the keys on a piano, for they work in harmony, together one not over powering the other, but jointly fitting together and when struck accordingly and in the correct order, MUSIC is created, and in so doing and being able to connect to all the other rhythms in life we truly know that MUSIC is in fact, "The Rhythm of Life"! allmusic

Be Inspired By Everything


I try to find inspiration everywhere.  I try to make my music representative of myself and my generation. I love the places that most people don't even give a second glance. In order to be who you really are, you must create your world, then become that world and ultimately live and be that world. Inspiration is found everywhere and that is just simply, amazing. 


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